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Sypnosis Edit


The year is 2205. "Historical revisionists" looking to change the course of history have launched their attacks on the past. The Saniwa sages, who have been charged with protecting history, have given life to the strongest tsukumogami known as the "Touken Danshi." This is the story of their cheerful lives, set on the stage of a certain Citadel...

Teasers and PVs Edit

Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru- anime 2nd Season PV

Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru- anime 2nd Season PV

アニメ 続 『刀剣乱舞-花丸-』 本PV

アニメ 続 『刀剣乱舞-花丸-』 本PV

Staff Edit

  • Director: Koshida Tomoaki (越田知明)
  • Series Composition & Screenplay: WriteWorks (ライトワークス)
  • Character Design: Taniguchi Junichirou (谷口淳一郎)
  • Animation Director: Koga Miyuki (古賀美裕紀), Kumada Akiko (熊田明子), Mori Mitsue (森光恵)
  • Color Design: Takeuchi Yuuta (竹内優太)
  • Art Director: Yasuda Yukari (安田ゆかり) / Olive (オリーブ)
  • Art Setting: Takahashi Takeshi (高橋武之)
  • Director of Photography: Go Takehiro (呉健弘)
  • Editing: Tsubone Kentarou (坪根健太郎) / REAL-T
  • Sound Director: Go Fumiyuki (郷文裕貴)
  • Music: Kawai Kenji (川井憲次)
  • Original draft: DMM Games, Nitroplus

Schedule Edit

  • TOKYO MX: Starts on Jan 7 (Sunday) 24:00, every Sunday
  • BS11: Starts on Jan 7 (Sunday) 24:30, every Sunday
  • Kansai TV (関西テレビ): Starts on Jan 7 (Sunday) 25:55, every Sunday

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