Active Wiki Staff

The following individuals constitute the Touken Ranbu Wikia Staff and actively help out with the Wikia. You can find us in Touken Ranbu Wikia Discord Server or message us if you have any questions!

  • Administrators are active editors with extended rights that help them contribute to and modify the site.
  • Content moderators have the ability to manage most of the site's content and help organize, add, and revise content as the need arises.
  • Discussion moderators may moderate conversations and social discussions across the site.
Touken Ranbu Wikia Staff
Username Nickname(s) Position(s) Status
Pandacath Panda
Kitttn Kit
Admin Active
Yi2712 Yi Content Moderator Active
Xilva Content Moderator Active
Miyorina Miyo Content Moderator
Discussion Moderator

The following individuals are admins/mods of the Wiki that no longer actively contribute.

Active Discord Moderators

The following individuals help the Touken Ranbu Wikia Staff in moderating the Discord Server. Contact them should you need help and no Wikia Staff are available.

Touken Ranbu Wikia Discord Moderators
Username Nickname(s) Position(s) Status
Yukigitsune Yuki KBC Squad Active
Celid KBC Squad Active
Tigerine Tiger KBC Squad Active
Luckyeleven Lucky KBC Squad Active

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