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Introduction Edit

Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Pocket is the mobile app port of the browser game released on March 1st, 2016. It is available on iOS and Android devices (please see the FAQ for more details about which versions and models are compatible). Game data can be shared between the app and the browser version. For details, please read the rest of this page and related articles.

How to Install Edit

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  • iOS: iOS 7.0 or later, iPhone5/5c models or later
  • Android: Android 4.1 models or later.
  • Memory Space: at least 1.9 GB
For iOS users: guide on how to install this app by creating a Japanese Apple ID, see Thread:49039.
For Android users: guide on how to install this app outside of Japan, see Thread:49174.
For guide on how to emulate the game on computer using Bluestacks, see Thread:49223.

Differences between the PC and App Edit

Smartphone app only functions:

  • Citadel shortcuts
  • Smithing/Armory resource flicking
  • Buying and using Koushuu Gold
  • Companion feature

About Koushuu Gold Edit

For detailed information about Koushuu Gold, see Shop/Koushuu_Gold.
Buy kg

Click on the blue [+] button in the citadel to buy Koushuu Gold.

Koushuu gold is the smartphone app currency for the Shop and cannot be used on the PC version. Items can be purchased from the Shop with DMM points on the PC version.

Shop items purchased with DMM points can be used on the app, and vice versa. However, Koushuu gold may not be transferred between mobile devices, nor can they be used on the PC version of the game.

Linking Game Data Edit

TKRB Pocket Start Up
TKRB Pocket Start Up2

When starting the app for the first time, tick the check box to accept the Terms Of Service.

  • The red (left) button is to create a new account to start the game. This will prompt you to select a server. A tutorial will start up afterwards.
  • The blue (right) button is to sync your game data from PC.

An ID and password are needed to synchronize game data, either from PC to a mobile device, a mobile device to PC, or from one mobile device to another. Use the slideshows below to help you get started.

Once a PC and mobile device are synced together, there is no need to keep generating ID/passwords to sync data back and forth. Syncing is done automatically from that point onwards.

Using PC game data to play on a mobile deviceEdit

1. Click the blue Data Sync banner under the browser game.
01 pc
2. Click [Link PC and Mobile].
02 pc
3. An ID and password will be generated.
IMPORTANT: Please do not share this to anyone to avoid your account info being compromised.
03 pc
4. On the mobile device, select [Link PC and Mobile].
04 sp
5. Input the ID and password generated from the browser.
05 sp
6. Confirm the data sync.
06 sp
7. PC data will continue to be synced to the mobile device.
07 sp

Using mobile device game data to play on PCEdit

1. On the mobile device, select [Link PC and Mobile].
04 sp
2. Click [Sync mobile data to PC].
10 sp
3. An ID and password will be generated.
IMPORTANT: Please do not share this to anyone to avoid your account info being compromised.
11 sp
4. Click the Data Sync banner.
01 pc
5. Click [Link Mobile Data to PC].
06 pc
6. Input the ID and password generated by your mobile device.
04 pc
7. Confirm that you will overwrite your PC data with your mobile data.
05 pc

Note that any pre-existing PC game data will be overwritten when syncing from mobile device to PC. If you already have a PC account, DO NOT USE THIS OPTION!

Using mobile device game data in another mobile deviceEdit

1. On the mobile device, select [Link Mobile to Mobile].
01 pp
2. Click on the [Generate Data Here] button
02 pp

3. An ID and password will be generated.
IMPORTANT: Please do not share this to anyone to avoid your account info being compromised.

The blue button copies the data, the orange one goes to the previous screen, the pink one to the Start menu.

03 pp
4. Return to the [Link Mobile to Mobile] menu.
04 pp
5. Click on the [Input Data Here] button.
05 pp
6. Input the ID and password generated by your mobile device.
06 pp
7. Confirm that you will overwrite your old mobile data with the new data.
07 pp

Deleting Game CacheEdit

Delete cache

Tap the second blue button to delete cache.

You may delete cache of old, unused data with Delete cache button. It is displayed on the start screen of the app.

To delete cache, tap Delete cache button. A popup window will appear to ask for confirmation. Click Yes (red button on left) to continue, otherwise click No to cancel.

After the cache deletion is completed, the application will be restart automatically.

  • User data, owned swords and items, and other user-related information will not be deleted.
  • Data will be re-downloaded after cache deletion.

Important NotesEdit

Data synchronization

  • During maintenance, synchronization will not be possible.
  • Right before maintenance, please refrain from synchronizing as it may corrupt your data.
  • ID/passwords generated will include the data from the last server connection, except during mid-battle conditions.
  • While synchronizing, the game data will be overwritten by the device used to generate the ID and password. So smartphone players synchronizing with a PC generated ID/password will have their app data overwritten with their PC game data.

Uninstalling the app

  • If a player only uses the mobile app to play Touken Ranbu and never syncs their game data to the browser version, then uninstalls the mobile app, please note that the data will be deleted permanently and that we will be unable to restore any game data.
  • If you uninstall the game, please either:
    • Issue an ID/password from your mobile app and sync to the browser game, or
    • Issue an ID/password from your mobile app and sync to another mobile device.
    • ※Note that ID/passwords expire 30 days after being issued.
    • If you uninstall the app and have synced to the browser version, you may continue to enjoy Touken Ranbu from your PC. We recommend players to sync their game data.

Cache-cleaning by the mobile device

  • Data that is acquired by the app during initial start-up and stored in its cache may be removed by third-party cache cleaning apps, or by the mobile device itself.
    • If this occurs, when the player reopens the app, it will begin redownloading this data again (1.6 GB).
    • Please note that clearing the cache using third-party apps may have an influence on gameplay.
    • If a player uses a cache-cleaning tool and finds that they have lost game data, we will be unable to restore any lost game data in the event that they have not synced their data to the browser version.

SD Cards

  • We cannot guarantee the stability of the Touken Ranbu Pocket app if the data is stored on an SD card.


  • Failing to enter the ID/password 5 consecutive times will result in a 24 hour ban from further ID/password input.
  • Failing to enter the ID/password 10 consecutive times will result in a permanent ban from further ID/password input. Please contact the support team to remove the ban.
  • The expiry date is 30 days after the ID/password are generated.
  • The ID/password will become invalid after the PC data has been transferred.
  • Please do not share synchronization data with third parties (e.g. via screenshots).

Current Buglist Edit


  1. The "Push Notice" function which notifies the players upon completion of expeditions, repairs, smithing and internal affairs has encountered some irregularities and is being stopped for the time being.


  1. Some devices may crash when transitioning to and from the Citadel screen or from the tutorial.
    • Bug fix: Issue is currently under investigation. In the meantime, please open the menu and click [瓦版], then scroll to the bottom of the FAQ to access our inquiry form and submit a support e-mail to us describing the bug (your phone model and iOS will be included in the e-mail).
  2. Using the Expedition Recall Pigeon causes an error.
    • Bug fix: In progress.

Corrected BugsEdit

  1. The game does not remind the player that a severely damaged sword is present in the team before the player chooses whether to continue or return from a battle.
  2. The game erroneously gives the player the option to continue on a sortie even if the leader has become severely damaged.
  3. The auto-filled inquiry e-mails contain an illegal character string that will make the e-mail fail to send.
  4. Characters cannot be entered into the text fields for selecting saniwa name or PvP messages.
  5. Swords do not say their dialogue when obtained from a drop or smithing.
  6. The Saniwa's First Anniversary countdown display is incorrect.
  7. If the screen is tapped repeatedly when the Kebiishi appear, the game will freeze.
  8. There is an unintended error with the way swords are sorted in the inventory.
  9. There is a display error when the Kebiishi appear.
  10. If Monoyoshi Sadamune or Gotou Toushirou are set as the leaders of Teams 2, 3, or 4, an error will occur if those teams are sent on expedition.
  11. Sometimes, even with enough resources, players are unable to make troops in the Armory.
  12. Players are unable to press the button to forcefully recall their Expeditions before the timer is up.
  13. Sound effects and voice lines are sometimes interrupted by other audio.
  14. The Help Tokens gained from Expeditions are not correctly displayed.
  15. The combined stats of a team are not displayed correctly. The sortie screen showing the combined team stats does not include stats gained from equipment. In battle, the equipment is taken into account.
  16. Expeditions now come back after the correct number of hours even without changing your device's time to JST.

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