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歴史改変を目論む「 歴史修正主義者が過去への攻撃を開始した。
対峙する時の政府は歴史の守りとして「 審神者」なる者を過去へと派遣する。
物の心を 励起する審神者の力によって生み出された、
刀剣に宿りし付喪神「 刀剣男士」たちは、審神者と共に歴史を守る戦いへと身を投じる。

AD 2205.
Historical revisionists, seeking to change the course of history, have begun their offensive in the past.
The government at the time has dispatched a saniwa into the past to protect history.
The saniwa, being able to sense spiritual energy, was able to bring out the tsukumogami spirits residing within swords.
Together with the "Touken Danshi," the saniwa has dedicated themselves to fighting to protect the course of history.

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