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Maintenance Notice


Latest maintenance:
28 Jan 2020 [13:00 - 16:00] [GMT+9]

Next maintenance:
No maintenance is announced for now.

Recent Updates



  • The eigth batch of new illustrations featuring swords in different clothes will be released from 2020/01/27 until 2020/01/31. Currently, new illustrations for a few swords are scheduled to be released near the end of each month.
    1. Nakigitsune in a summer yukata
    2. Tomoegata Naginata in a summer yukata
    3. Mouri Toushirou in a summer yukata
  • PS: References are made to the Ginza Motoji Shop - the male kimono department.


  • Maintenance for iOS version has ended at 8:00 JST.
  • The following list of items have been sent to inbox as compensation for extended maintenance on Jan 21st:
    • Gramophone x 3
    • Charcoal x 500
    • Steel x 500
    • Coolant x 500
    • Whetstone x 500
  • Items will be available to collect until Feb 22nd 23:59 JST.
  • Compensation given once per account only.


  • Maintenance has ended for players using PC browser, Android and Amazon apps at 19:00 JST.
  • Maintenance for iOS version has been extended until further notice (waiting for Appstore version release).
  • New Solar Term: Rainwater - Rapeseed Flower background series campaign has started.
  • Obtain the new limited-time background by exchanging harvest items as follows:
    • Vegetables: Leaf Mustard and Lemon from fieldworks in Internal Affairs
    • Plants: Rapeseed flower and Seafood: Japanese Smelt from Frontlines and Expeditions
  • This campaign runs from Jan 21st to Apr 21st, 2020 before maintenance.
  • "Special fertilizer" Sale for this campaign has started in the Shop.
  • OP video correction
  • System maintenance
  • Smartphone app update
  • Solar Term: Light Snow - Camellia background series campaign has ended.
    • The campaign harvest items can still be exchanged into background and konpeito until Jan 28th, 2020.


  • There was a mistake for Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki and his kiwame version voice files when using Oiwaijuu Bento and is now fixed. Please refresh the game to get the correct version loading again.
    • 2 Oiwaijuu Bento have been sent to player's inbox as compensation and will be available to collect until Jan 31st 23:59JST.
    • Compensation given once per account only.


More on 5th Anniversary updates:

  • Log into the game from Jan 14th to 16th daily to receive the following list of gifts sent to your inbox:
    • Day 1
      • Touken Ranbu 5th Anniversary background
      • Touken Ranbu 5th Anniversary Commemoration Flowers Arrangement (Iwaibana) background /
      • Congratulatory Bento x 1
    • Day 2
      • Congratulatory Bento x 1
      • Fuji Ofuda x 1
      • Charcoal × 20,000
      • Steel × 20,000
      • Coolant × 20,000
      • Whetstone × 20,000
    • Day 3
      • Congratulatory Bento x 1
      • Tailor Ticket x 1 (For Casual Outfit exchange)
      • Charcoal × 30,000
      • Steel × 30,000
      • Coolant × 30,000
      • Whetstone × 30,000
    • Presents will be given once per day if you login on Jan 14th - 16th, those logging in for the first time after 16/1 will receive all 3 presents together upon login.
    • Presents are given once per account only
    • Congratulatory Bento and Tailor Ticket validity period from Jan 14th (after maintenance) - Feb 4th 12:59 JST.
  • New line from party leader when using a Makunouchi bento.
  • New line from party leader when using a Congratulatory bento.
  • 5th Anniversary Campaigns have started:
    • Experience boost campaign
    • Double boss node droprate campaign
    • Zero repair resources campaign
    • Guaranteed gold troop campaign
  • All campaign period: Jan 14th (after maintenance) - Jan 28th 12:59 JST
  • Pocket App New AR Feature: "Companion" have been implemented.
    • Press the "Companion (伴) button on bottom right of your citadel screen in Pocket app to get access to the AR function.
    • For more information, please check the ingame announcement.
  • 7th Batch of starter swords in Casual Outfit has been implemented in the game and now available for purchase in the Shop.
  • New saniwa who started playing between Dec 24th, 2019 - Jan 31st, 2020 will receive New Saniwa Support Presents in the inbox:
    • Charcoal x 200,000
    • Steel x 200,000
    • Coolant x 200,000
    • Whetstone x 200,000
    • Koban x 100,000
    • Help Token x 30
    • Request Token x 30
    • Omamori x 1
    • Kage x 1
    • Aoge x 1
    • Presents are given once per account only
  • The following list of game system modifications were made in this maintenance:
    • Added function to edit teams in sortie screen
    • Improved expedition start condition
    • Added ability to use multiple konpeito at once
    • Added function to save team compositions
    • Adjusted the percentage to reach boss node
    • Improved screen settings




20200109 TalkEvent


  • Hyuuga Masamune's Limited-Time Smithing Campaign has ended.
  • Limited-Time Smithing Campaign for Azuki Nagamitsu has started.
    • Official Recipe Hint: 800/800/800/800 (Recipe Report)
    • Period: Jan 7th - Jan 13th 12:59 JST
  • 6th batch of swords in Casual Outfit has been added and can be purchased from the Backgrounds tab.


Touken Ranbu 5th Anniversary Related News
Regarding Anniversary kiza pose art
  • Ookanehira, Ookurikara and kiwame version, Heshikiri Hasebe and kiwame version (character design by Komiya) will be produced under Nitroplus.
Regarding 5th Anniversary Commemoration art
  • Kogitsunemaru (character design by Sata) will be produced under Nitroplus.
  • Shokudaikiri Mitsutada (character design by Fuji Mitsuya) will be produced under Nitroplus.
  • As these new visuals for 5th anniversary are produced under Nitroplus production team in cooperation with their respective illustrators, the management team are solely responsible for the production. Please REFRAIN from contacting illustrators directly regarding this issue.


20200101 ExchangeSeals
  • Omikuji has started. Log into the game to pull fortune slips (omikuji) and win game items daily.
  • An exchange seal will be given along with your omikuji every day during this period.
    • Period: Jan 2nd 0:00 - Jan 13th 23:59 JST
    • Omikuji resets at 23:59 JST daily.
  • For those who has missed out the special new year greeting, you can still listen the new year greeting lines from the Citadel screen until Jan 7th, 2020.


  • Log into the game on Jan 1st (JST) to see a special New Year's greeting from your sword attendant. Swords introduced in 2019 have also been added.
    • Greeting scene is limited to Jan 1st only
  • As a New Year's gift, logging into the game daily will send up to nine exchange seals, backgrounds, and items to your mailbox.
    • Pickup Period: Jan 1st 0:00 - Jan 7th 23:59 JST
  • Limited-Time Smithing Campaign for Hyuuga Masamune has started.
    • Official Recipe Hint: 300/300/300/300 (Recipe Report)
    • Period: Jan 1st 00:00 - Jan 7th 12:59 JST
  • Ebisu bags containing event items, koban, and/or kiwame items will be on sale in the shop.
    • Period: Jan 1st 0:00 - Jan 14th 12:59 JST


  • Village of Treasures - Instrument Gathering Stage 14 has ended.
  • Regiment Battle 5 has started.
    • Otoshidama Rewards:
    • Ookanehira has a chance to drop from the boss battle in Expert map.
    • Nenekirimaru has a chance to drop from boss battle in Chaos mode stages.
    • Event-related items are now on sale in the shop.
    • Event Period: December 24th 2019 - January 24th 2020 12:59 JST

Upcoming Content

201112 newswordteaser
  • A new sword teaser is released in an official tweet. His identity will be revealed in March 2020!
  • More reveals from the Touken Ranbu 5th Anniversary Talk Show:
    • New Touken Ranbu Hanamaru project.
    • Touken Ranbu The Movie sequel confirmed.
    • A Katsugeki Touken Ranbu movie production is underway by Aniplex, but they're not ready to make an announcement.
    • Naginata Kiwame will be coming next, while Tachi Kiwame are in the works.
    • There will be new bento voice lines.
    • Companion AR feature: Take photos of your swords boys in various places! This will only be available for the Pocket version.

January to Early February Schedule

  • The game's OP movie will be replaced with a new one.
  • New Saniwa Anniversary presents will be implemented.
  • New casual outfits for the Starter swords will be implemented.
  • There will be a new in-game AR feature called Companion.
  • A Hakusan Yoshimitsu Limited-Time Smithing Campaign will be held.
    • Period: Jan 14th - Jan 21st
  • Multiple Campaigns will be held:
    • Experience Boost Campaign
    • 2x Boss Drop Rate Campaign
    • Zero Repair Resource Campaign
    • Guaranteed Gold Troops Campaign
    • Period: Jan 14th - Feb 28th
  • Rewards campaign for new players who register will be held.
    • Period: Jan 14th - Jan 31st
  • An Anniversary Login Campaign with new backgrounds will be held.
    • Period: Jan 14th - Feb 12th
  • The Seal Exchange Corner will be implemented.
    • Period: Jan 14th - Feb 12th
    • 76 swords are redeemable (Non-redeemable swords are all swords released in 2019: Hakusan Yoshimitsu, Nankaitarou Chouson, Hizen Tadahiro, Chatannakiri, Kuwana Gou, Suishinshi Masahide, Minamoto Kiyomaro, Matsui Gou, and Sanchoumou).

Older Updates

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