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Maintenance Notice


Latest maintenance:
19 Feb 2019 [12:00 - 17:00] [GMT+9]

Next maintenance:
No maintenance is announced for now.

Recent Updates


20190219 NewKiwameAnnouncement
  • Troops Crafting Campaign has ended.
  • New type of touken danshi Tsurugi has been implemented.
    • Tsurugi swords have a special skill, Godly Feat (神技) they can use during battle that is separate from attacking.
    • Hakusan Yoshimitsu's godly feat, Healing Power (治癒の力) can heal any swords that are gravely wounded by 32% and restore a troop's health.
    • Healing power has a few conditions:
      • Only activates when Hakusan is not fatigued
      • The target sword must be in severe injury
      • Can only heal a single sword at a time
  • Limited-time Smithing Campaign for Hakusan Yoshimitsu has started. (Recipe Report)
  • The Limited Smithing Aid Pack, Resources Pack and Ofuda Sets are now on sale in the Shop.
  • To celebrate the implementation of a new sword type, an Experience Boost and Increased Droprate campaigns have been implemented.
  • Adjustments have been made to the fatigue UI.
  • You may now use fatigue recovery items during battle.
  • Resources used for repairing swords have been adjusted.
  • A new recollection has been added to the game between Hakusan Yoshimitsu and Ichigo Hitofuri.
  • There are 2 new game missions for obtaining a Tsurugi sword and sending him out to battle.
  • New Kiwame swords will be implemented on February 26th.


20190212 Troops Crafting Campaign


20190205 Internal Affairs Campaign
20190205 Attendant Sword Outfit change
  • Internal Affairs Campaign - one of the stats will definitely increase by 1
  • Attendant Sword Outfit change - can switch between battle outfit and internal affairs outfit

Upcoming Content

New Sword

Hakusan Teaser

Name: Hakusan Yoshimitsu (白山吉光)
Type: Tsurugi (剣)
School: Awataguchi
Artist: Nekokan Masshigura
VA: Hiro Shimono (下野 紘)

A tsurugi made by Kamakura Era smith Awataguchi Yoshimitsu. It was carried by Tokugawa Iemitsu's foster daughter Oohime when she was married to Maeda Mitsutaka, and was presented as an offering after her death. The blade developed godly qualities and Hakusan Yoshimitsu is said to now possess healing powers. Accompanying him is his companion, a white fox. Likes melon.

"Master, please protect history as it is right now."

  • Introduction of a new sword class, the tsurugi.

January until February 2019 schedule

190111 JanFeb2019schedule
190122 Feb2019schedule

Jan 14th~

  • Opening movie will be updated to include newer swords
  • Touken Ranbu 4th Anniversary Commemoration Presents

Jan 14th - Feb 28th

Jan 15th - Jan 22th

  • EXP Campaign - 2x EXP for normal maps and 5x EXP for Keiibishi

Jan 18th - Jan 31st Feb 12th

Jan 22th~

  • NEW FRONT LINES ERA 8 "Memory of Aonohara: Amidagamine (青野原の記憶 阿弥陀ヶ峰)"

Jan 22th - 29th

  • Drop Rate Up Campaign - drop rates for certain swords will be increased by 2x at the boss nodes

Jan 29th - Feb 5th

  • 0 Resources for Repairs Campaign

Feb 5th - Feb 12th

  • Internal Affairs Campaign - one of the stats will definitely increase by 1

Feb 12th - Feb 19th

  • Troops Crafting Campaign - all troops crafted will be gold

End of January until February 2019

  • Setsubun Event - Defeat the oni and collect beans, get the Setsubun Background (if you haven't got it yet)

February 2019

  • Attendant Sword Outfit change - can switch between battle outfit and internal affairs outfit
  • New Sword Smithing Event

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