延享4年 熊本藩主細川宗考が旗本に突然背後から斬りつけられ絶命する事件が起きた。

Enkyou era, 1747. The daimyo of the Kumamoto province, Hosokawa Munetaka, was suddenly cut down from behind by a retainer. He had not left an heir due to his youth, and so the Hosokawa clan was in danger of extinction. The one to save them from this predicament was someone who happened to be there by chance: the daimyo of Sendai, Date Munemura.


  • New enemies Kunai and Chuu-wakizashi appear on some nodes, and can inflict heavy damage even onto fully equipped level 99 ootachi, so swords under level 80 are not recommended. Expect troop loss for swords at any level.
  • Battles in Edo are urban battles.
    • Horses may be equipped, but their stat bonuses will not take effect. Light and Heavy Cavalry will function normally.

Checking Total Scouting Points for Map 7-4 Edit

Your total Scouting points will be shown briefly on the Team scoreboard when you click to enter Map 7-4.

  • To get into Long Route, your team's Total Scouting must be less than 320 points.
  • To get into Medium Route, your team's Total Scouting must be in between 320 and 499 points.
  • To get into Short Route, your team's Total Scouting must be more than 500 points.
Era7-4 TotalScouting

This team will automatically be sorted to Short Route.


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