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Swords can be assigned to complete chores around the Citadel using the Internal Affairs menu (内番). They do not gain experience, but may gain 1 point in a specific stat at the end of their tasks (see below).

There are three tasks available:

  • Horsekeeping (馬当番): Has a chance to increase Leadership or Mobility by 1.
  • Fieldwork (畑当番): Has a chance to increase Survival or Scouting by 1.
  • Sparring (手合せ): Has a chance to increase Impact or Impulse by 1.

Fieldwork is the only way to increase a sword's Survival and Scouting in the game. The stats that are increased by Horsekeeping and Sparring can be maxed out more quickly via Refining. Once those stats are refined to their maximum, they cannot be increased via Internal Affairs.

Each task must be done in pairs with another sword, but not all tasks need to be filled in order to start Internal Affairs. Once started, your swords are locked into their task for 24 hours, but are still free to go to the Front Lines and travel on Expeditions. The game will randomly select one Internal Affairs task and will show your characters chatting about their work. If the task selected is Horsekeeping or Fieldwork, the swords will wear their casual outfits.

Every character has generic dialogue lines for each of the three Internal Affairs tasks. However, certain sword pairings may cause a special dialogue to occur between them.

IA finish

At the end of 24 hours, a summary screen displays the results of Internal Affairs and which stats were increased for each sword, if any.

Note that the game will pick which stat to increase randomly, and even has a chance of failing to increase the stat at all.

Special Internal Affairs InteractionsEdit

These are unique interactions that may be seen when pairing certain swords together. These lines are different from their default dialogue for each task; those quotes may be viewed on their individual character pages.

Solar Term Background Harvest ItemsEdit

IA SolarTerm

Harvest item counter and fertilizer counter

Starting July 2018, seasonal harvest items can be collected through Internal Affairs tasks to exchange limited time seasonal backgrounds from Solar Term Background Series.

Special items like Composts and Fertilizers can be collected or purchased from Shop to increase harvest items gained from Fieldwork.

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