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To play the game, you must first have a DMM account. An English DMM account is fine. Once you have made an account, you need to make a game profile before you are allowed to play any games.

You will also need a VPN or proxy connection in order to connect to the game, since most DMM games are limited to Japan only. Please see the Proxy Connection and Troubleshooting page for instructions on how to set this up.

You can access the game from the DMM Online Games page by clicking on 刀剣乱舞-online. Alternatively, here is the direct link to the game.

Troubleshooting Edit


If after making your DMM account and trying to launch the game, you encounter this error message (pictured bottom-right), you have seen the DMM English locale 'Bug'. It seems that if new game profiles are requested from an English DMM Games page, the server cannot process them. Follow the steps below to workaround that issue.

Workaround for Game Profile RegistrationEdit

1. Navigate to DMM Games the main page for accessing DMM games and profiles.
  • You will notice that the URL contains an '/en/' in the URL. We need to get rid of that.
2. On the far right in the nav bar, you will see an option to select the language in which the page will be displayed. Open the drop down and select [日本語] (Japanese).
3. Once you have selected it, the page will reload with the text being displayed in Japanese. The URL will also no longer contain '/en/'. You can now press the orange button to begin profile registration.

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