For general info on Touken Ranbu Pocket mobile app, see Touken Ranbu Pocket.
For tutorial on how to link data between PC and mobile app, see Touken Ranbu Pocket#Linking Game Data.

How does game data linking work?Edit

Following the mobile app's release, it will be possible to obtain a "Data Link Code" from the game on your PC. By entering this "Data Link Code" into your mobile app, both the mobile app and PC version of the game will thereafter share their game data.

If the user does not have a DMM account and normally signs in using Google accounts instead, will they still be able to link their game data?Edit

Yes. Regardless of how the user signs in to play Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- on their PC, it will be possible to link their game data. If the user normally uses Google sign-in or other methods to log in to Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-, it is not necessary to create a new DMM account specifically for Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Pocket.

If I link my game data, then replace my mobile device, can I link my game data to the new device?Edit

Yes. As long as the user inputs their "Data Link Code" again, they will be able to sync their PC gameplay data to their new mobile device.

If I preregister with LINE, Twitter, and e-mail registration, will I get multiple copies of the campaign rewards?Edit

No. Each eligible account receives only one copy of each sword.

If you have your game data synced to your mobile app, then delete the mobile app, will that have any impact on the gameplay data from the PC version?Edit

No. Deleting the mobile app after syncing game data will have no impact on the PC version of the game, since both the mobile app and PC version both load data from the most recently played session.

What devices and operating systems are supported?Edit

iOS: iOS 7.0 or later, iPhone5/5c models or later; Android: Android 4.1 models or later. Not compatible with mobile devices using Tegra2 processors.
It should be noted that even if the above conditions are met, there may be devices that are not supported. For a more detailed list of known supported Android devices, please see here (note that this is not an exhaustive list).

Can Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Pocket be played on an iPad or iPod Touch?Edit

The only mobile device models we have currently tested are found listed in Q6. While iPod Touch and iPad may theoretically fulfill the requirements for the game, we have not tested those models at this time.

Is it possible to use multiple devices to play on the same account? Furthermore, can this be done even if the OS of each device is different? (Ex. Syncing the same data to an iPhone and an Android tablet)Edit

Yes. So long as you follow the instructions to link your game's account data to your smartphone, you may repeat these steps to link any additional devices.

However, "Koushuu gold" may not be shared between iOS and Android devices. Additionally, "Koushuu gold" and DMM Points cannot be shared between a mobile device and the browser version of a game.

※ "Koushuu gold" is a form of in-game currency unique to the mobile device app that can be used in the Shop. Please look forward to more information when the app is released.

Can Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Pocket be played overseas?Edit

We verify our players on the assumption that they have been playing domestically from Japan. Therefore, support for playing overseas has been excluded.

On the list of supported Android devices, some devices listed run Android 4.0. Will there also be support available for these devices, should there be any problems?Edit

The list contains all models that we have tested so far. However, we still recommend that users have a device running Android 4.1 or later. To that end, as we continue to update the list, if any model-specific problems arise, we will be unable to provide support.

How much data will this app use per month?Edit

Because the amount of data used depends on how often the app is played, we cannot definitively answer this question. It should be noted that when first starting the app, a large amount of data communication will occur, so it is recommended to connect to Wi-Fi before doing so.

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