Equipment interface

Equipment menu

Equipment is a mean to strengthen your swords by attaching Troops, Horses, or Omamori. They can be attached to swords under the Formation [結成] menu using the small blue 装備 button on the right side of each sword panel.

Touken Ranbu - How to Equip Items

Touken Ranbu - How to Equip Items


For more details, see Armory.

Various soldiers that provide certain boosts to your swords depending on their types. Some types also help you deal direct damage against the enemies. They also serve as first line of protection for your swords in the battlefield as they will be the first to get damaged from most enemy attacks. Upon returning to the citadel their health are restored to normal. However, should a troop get destroyed in the battlefield, it will not come back.


For more details, see Horses.

Horses can be equipped to any type of sword and give stats boosts, most noticeably mobility. There are 12 horse types in total, 9 are obtainable from completing various Missions while the other 3 were gifts from past events. They are indestructible in battle but provide no defense against enemy attacks. Most horses are based off real steeds owned by historical warlords or warriors.


For more details, see Omamori.

Protective amulets that can be equipped to swords. They can be purchased in the Shop or obtained in certain events. If a sword equipped with an omamori is broken in battle, the omamori will be consumed to immediately revive the sword with some health. A sword already broken and revived in battle with an omamori will not be destroyed again in the same battle, even if it is attacked again.

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