All individuals with or without a Wiki account may edit the Wiki, and we highly encourage you to do so! When editing, please write in the summary of what you changed and why. Additionally, if you are unsure about an edit you wish to make, please ask in the comments beforehand.

Users do not own the pages and/or files they edit. If you think somebody's wrong about a fact, and they don't think they're wrong, an edit war can ensue. While that is going on, do try to talk it out politely in the comments section. Outline why you think they're wrong—factually, not stylistically—and expect them to do the same for you.

If you have some major changes you would like to make, we suggest asking others in Suggestion before doing so.

Editing Edit

  • Use Source Editor as much as possible. Many of the pages on the wiki have complex code, and some even having custom templates - which might not be handled correctly by the VisualEditor, thus destroying the content upon saving.
    • Misuse of VisualEditor can result in accidentally wiping entire sections.
  • Preview your edit before publishing. You may have unintentionally deleted something or broken a table.
  • Check Show changes before publishing. Make sure that all changes are ones that you have intended.
  • If your edit is a major revision / overhaul, make sure to ask on Suggestion for approval beforehand.
  • If your edit, or template has not been applied to the article but already saved, it might just be the cache and you'll need to do a purge or NullEdit (saving the article again without editing anything).
  • Consider making a personal sandbox page at User:Name/sandbox if you would like to test some code out before asking to apply it to pages. An example can be found here at User:Dragonjet/sandbox

Guides and Tutorials Edit

Below are dedicated guides to editing certain pages of the Wiki:

Additional tutorials:

Projects and Roles Edit

Please feel free to help out with any of the below projects! If you have any suggestions as well, let us know in the comments section on this page or on Suggestions.

Continuous or Recurring Edit

  • Recent Updates
    • Typically, after an update, there will be someone in the Discord Chat assigned to translate the Twitter patch notes.
    • There are always many editors and fixes after an update. Please feel free to edit the page, as long as you resolve revision conflicts if any arise. You may also want to ask contributors above to assist, as editing the page immediately after an update often results in revision conflicts.
    • Miyorina organizes old updates onto Recent Updates subpages, linked at the bottom of the Recent Updates page.
  • Events
    • If you are reporting new information, please consider posting it in the Forum or in Discord Chat.

Ongoing Edit

  • Quality Check Characters pages, among others
    • Quality Check character audio clips
  • Expand Trivia Section
  • Renaming images
    • Currently only admins can rename images

Outdated Edit

Other Goals Edit

  • Turn outdated templates and tables into mobile friendly templates

Completed (for now) Edit

  • Audio Clips on Character Quotes
  • Character Card images

How to Help Edit

We're always glad to have more contributors on the Wiki! If you'd like to help out with an ongoing project, feel free to contact an administrator or drop by in the Discord Chat to ask about what you can do.

Some helpful links are below:

Things to do Edit

Useful activities Other useful special pages

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