The Ootachi (大太刀, "large tachi") was one of the longer types of swords, usually at least 90cm in length. Because of their length, they were extremely difficult to produce well. Rather than being suited for close-quarters combat like uchigatana, ootachi were mostly used by cavalry, as they could attack opponents without running a high risk of being pulled off the horse. The length of the ootachi made it nearly impossible to unsheath from the waist, so they were either carried on the back or held in the hand. The handling techniques were different from those of other swords as well, with the movements mostly focused on downward cuts.

Because of their great artistic and historical value, ootachi were also commonly used for ceremonial purposes, such as being displayed in temples or offered/used in certain ceremonies.

In Touken Ranbu, ootachi can attack up to three adjacent opponents and have very high HP, Impact, and Leadership. However, due to their size, they have the lowest mobility of all the sword types. It is advisable to equip ootachi with a horse and cavalry troops if possible in order to give them a speed boost in battle.

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