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Permanent Campaign Edit

Celebration of Saniwa Inauguration AnniversaryEdit

160114 starter-anniversary

Saniwa First Year Anniversary Campaign Poster

  • Presents have been prepared to celebrate the saniwa's anniversary. Also, the swords will give congratulations to the saniwa. So please visit the citadel on that day!
  • For more details, see Saniwa Anniversary Campaign.

Campaigns List Edit

Hakusan Yoshimitsu Limited-Time Smithing CampaignEdit

Duration: 2019/02/19 - 2019/02/26


Experience Boost Campaign Edit


Duration: 2019/02/19 - 2019/02/26

  • Receive 2X experience points in all normal maps, and 5X experience points from defeating the Kebiishi!

2x Drop Rate Campaign Edit


Duration: 2019/02/19 - 2019/02/26

Troops Crafting Campaign Edit

20190212 Troops Crafting Campaign
  • All troops crafted during the campaign will be gold.

Zero Repair Resource Campaign Edit

190129 0RSSRepair

Duration: 2019/01/29 - 2019/02/05

  • Resource for repairs will be 0.

2x Drop Rate CampaignEdit

Duration: 2019/01/22 - 2019/01/29 12:59 JST


Experience Boost CampaignEdit

Duration: 2019/01/15 - 2019/01/22 12:59 JST

  • For celebrating the 4th anniversary, experience gained during sorties on all maps has been increased (except for 8-1 Amidagamine).
    • 2x experience from all battles in Front Lines.
    • 5x experience from all battles with the Kebiishi.
190108 Background01

Solar Term: Spring's BeginningEdit

Duration: 2019/01/08 - 2019/04/09 (before maintance) JST

  • "Solar Term: Spring's Beginning - Plum blossoms" background series has been implemented.
181229 LimitedSmithing

Limited Time Smithing CampaignsEdit

Duration: 2019/01/01 - 2019/01/15 12:59 JST

  • Obtain the following swords when smithing with certain recipe at the following dates:
  1. Hyuuga Masamune (recipe: all 300)
    • 2019/01/01 0:00 - 2019/01/08 12:59 JST
  2. Daihannya Nagamitsu (recipe: all 800)
    • 2019/01/08 (after maintenance) - 2019/01/15 12:59 JST

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